Nothing is a better de-stresser than a good run.

Back from a run.

It was a gorgeous day today so my mom and I hit the trail together. I ran my fastest mile so far this week. I was able to do about a mile and a half before my calves felt really tight and I had to stop and stretch them. I walked about .75mi to loosen them up and then ran another mile and a half. I really need new shoes! My dad said that if he gets a paycheck tomorrow he is buying me some. I realized that this past week I have ran at least 15 miles which is amazing considering before this I hadn’t run for months and even then it was just a few miles here and there. 

I have also been eating really well. Today I have had:

Breakfast-banana. fage yogurt w/flax meal, almond meal, and blueberries. Lunch - 2 sausages. green beans w/hummus. Snack- slice of whole grain bread w/almond butter and a banana. Dinner- pork chop. broccoli and green beans.

I have so much homework to do the next couple days since its the last week of the quarter. Can’t wait for spring break!